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Student Success and Equity Committee


The Student Success and Equity Committee helps facilitate college-wide development, support, and implementation of programs, evaluations, policies, and procedures that are in line with Santiago Canyon College's vision of student access, success, equity, social justice, and multicultural education.  The committee helps meet the goals and objectives of the credit and noncredit student equity and achievement program at Santiago Canyon College.


  • Contribute to developing a shared vision for the college's student success and equity efforts.
  • Promote a climate of humility, equity, and appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of the college.
  • Support the work of the Office of Student Equity & Success.
  • Provide advisement, advocacy, and recommendations within the College's collegial governance structure.
  • Advise on equity, inclusion, and student success issues with college governance committees and groups.
  • Review institutional and state success and equity data and make recommendations on activities and policies that focus on three major areas: l) student equity, 2) completion and retention, and 3) student engagement.
  • Update and submit the college's student success and equity-related plans that describe activities and procedures related to improving equity and success for specific populations at the college.
  • Assist with a campus climate survey to assess the equity environment and explore opportunities for growth and development.
  • Provide a venue for dialog in order to integrate college-wide student success and equity efforts that support the college's professional development efforts related to access, success, and equity.
  • Advocate for the development and implementation of policies and procedures that facilitate the success of our diverse student body, faculty, and staff by identifying existing or emerging equal opportunity equity issues, advising college leadership in the development of responsive policies, and analyzing and recommending action based on relevant research and practices.
  • Make recommendations to the Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee on the prioritization process of campus-wide allocation of resources (e.g. equipment, technology, personnel, facilities, funding).


One faculty member and the Vice President of Student Services or designee will serve as co­ chairs.


13 Faculty, one from each of the following areas:

  • AB 705 Representative
  • ACE
  • At Large
  • Business Career Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Counselor
  • DSPS
  • English
  • EOPS
  • Gen Ed/Transfer
  • Mathematics
  • Student Equity Co-Coordinators

5 Administrators:

  • Dean of Counseling
  • Office of Student Equity and Success Director
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee)
  • Vice President of Student Services (or designee)
  • Vice President of Continuing Education (or designee)

4 Classified including a Research Analyst & Financial Aid Representative (appointed by CSEA)

2 Students appointed by the Associated Student Government (ASG)

2 Students recommend by the Office of Student Equity & Success (approved by ASG)