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Student Success and Equity Committee


The Student Success Equity Committee will recommend, coordinate, and initiate strategies which enhance student success and student equity at Santiago Canyon College. The committee will serve as a “hub” for student success initiatives such as the Student Success Support Program (SSSP); Basic Skills; and Student Equity.


Responsibilities for promoting student success and equity may include:

  • Exploring ​current research on student success and equity.
  • Identifying and assessing student needs in order​ to enhance student success and student equity.
  • Promoting or recommending instructional and student support programs and services.
  • Integrating and coordinating student success initiatives, i.e., SSSP, BSI.
  • Recommending professional development activities and topics.
  • Recommending budget proposals to the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee.


One faculty will serve as co-chair with the Vice President of Student Services or designee.


11 Faculty (one from each of the student success committees under the council)

  • EOPS
  • Math
  • English
  • Gen Ed/Transfer
  • ACE
  • Counselor
  • Academic Success Center
  • DSPS
  • Continuing Education
  • BSI Faculty Coordinator
  • At Large

4 Administrators including the Student Equity Director
3 Classified (appointed by CSEA) including a Research Analyst
2 Students (appointed by ASG)