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RSCCD Ellucian Student Portal Implementation

                                                                               by Sergio Rodriguez (Datatel Manager)

The RSCCD has procured the Ellucian (aka Datatel) Portal as a centralized gateway to campus networks and computing resources that encourages communication with focused student groups.  Key elements include:

  • Access resources with a single sign-on (such as Microsoft email, WebAdvisor, Blackboard, etc.)
  • Analyze usage, view key indicators, and create a consistent user experience
  • Set up rules to present the right message to students based on their cohort, profile, major, etc.
  • Personalize and customize content so users get the information that they want and the information that you want them to see.
  • Targeted alerts, announcements, emails, and calendar notices


Each campus (SCC, OEC, SAC, CEC) will have their own Portal experience and branding.  For a Fall 2016 rollout, the implementation team is focused on providing resources for current students and not duplicating information already on the college website.  These resources includes:

  • Alerts
  • Announcements
  • Integrated Microsoft email
  • Link to Blackboard (no login required)
  • Nested WebAdvisor functionality
  • Self-Service portals (i.e. Ed. Plans, Cashiers, FinAid,)
  • To do list
  • Class Schedule
  • Forms
    • Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, and Graduation Office
  • Team Sites
    • SharePoint functionality (i.e. surveys, discussion boards, document repository, calendar, etc.)
    • Student groups and shared governance committees (i.e. ASG, Student clubs, EMC, etc.)

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