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Apprenticeship Operating Engineers - Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Duty Repair, Inspection, Rock Products Industry

Program Information

Operating Engineers are highly trained, skilled professionals who operate heavy construction equipment on high-rise buildings, roads, and freeways; do specialized work operating cranes, concrete pumping, pile driving, and drilling equipment; repair heavy duty construction equipment; or work in plants that produce sand and gravel, asphalt and cement; or provide inspection of reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, structural steel/welding, masonry, soils, and asphalt.

Operating Engineers are covered by collective bargaining agreements between Local 12 of the International Union of Operating Engineers and signatory contractors. These agreements provide good wages, safe working conductions and fringe benefits. There are different wage scales for different kinds and levels of work.

The Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Training Program consists of four options:  Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Duty Repair, Plant Equipment/Rock, Sand and Gravel, and Special Inspection.  Each of these options is a three-year program.  Students must be working as an indentured apprentice and must attend college credit related and supplemental instruction in the classroom.  At the completion of the program, apprentices become Journeyworkers and are eligible for a Certificate of Achievement from Santiago Canyon College.

Application Information

In order to indenture into the apprenticeship program (become an apprentice) a person must:

  1. Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.  There is no upper age limit.
  2. Possess a High School Diploma, GED, Certificate of Proficiency, or equivalent

Contact Information

Southern California Operating Engineers
Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee
2190 South Pellissier Place
Whittier, CA 90601
(562) 695-0611