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Apprenticeship Power Lineman

Program Information

The work of the Power Lineman involves erecting and maintaining power lines. Climbing power poles. Working on communication lines. It's highly skilled work that requires a great deal of concentration, skill, and knowledge.

Demand for this type of work will never go "out of style" as long as folks use electricity. In fact, thanks to developments in the power industry, our contractors are seeing increased demand for their services - meaning they need more and more workers. With more than 500 line contractors in the organized electrical construction industry, you can be assured of meaningful, lifelong work with opportunities for advancement.

This training program is carefully organized to include classroom/field instruction and 7,000 hours on the job training as an indentured apprentice, which requires approximately 3-1/2 years to complete. The classroom/field instruction include subjects that are trade related: basic electricity, AC theory, transformers, circuitry, rigging, overhead and underground construction, equipment operation, Rubber Glove training and Hot Stick training.  College credit is earned for the related and supplemental instruction.

Successful completion of the apprenticeship program: (1) leads to journeyworker status with the State of California; (2) satisfies major requirements for an associate degree through Santiago Canyon College; and (3) satisfies requirements for a Certificate of Achievement through Santiago Canyon College. 

Application Information

Applications to the apprenticeship program are accepted year round. Those who meet the minimum requirements and return a completed application along with all of the required documentation will be scheduled for an interview. The minimum requirements are:

  1. Must be 18 years of age.
  2. Must have acquired a High School Diploma, GED, Certificate of Proficiency, or equivalent.
  3. Must have completed one year (two semesters) of high school algebra or one semester of college algebra with a passing grade.
  4. Must have a valid unrestricted drivers license. You will be required to obtain a Class A commercial drivers license within 2,000 hours of on-the-job training.
  5. Must be willing to work away from home anywhere in the State of California or Nevada. Need to be ready to travel.

Upon acceptance you will be required to pass a DOT physical and drug screening test.

To apply for this program, you may visit their website to get more information about their application process or contact the California-Nevada JATC office to inquire about their next open application period.

Contact Information

California-Nevada JATC

9846 Limonite Avenue
Riverside, CA   92504
951-685-8658      FAX 951-685-9473