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Gemology is a program unique to Santiago Community College, as the only public college or university offering the classes and certificate program. 


What is Gemology?

Gemology is the study of precious stones; where they are found, how they are formed, their physical and optical properties, and how they are identified.  The beauty, durability, and tangible value of gemstones have been a source of fascination and intrigue for centuries.  Join us in discovering the secrets they hold within.

The study of gemology can enhance or lead to a career as a jewelry business owner, sales associate, wholesaler, importer, appraiser, buyer, designer, diamond or colored stone grader, antique jewelry dealer, auction house cataloger, and jewelry historian.  An education in gemology will also benefit those with an interest in gemstones and jewelry. 

Santiago Canyon College offers a complete program in gemology, with comprehensive instruction and hands-on learning in an evening class format.  The program has a large collection of gemstones and a gemological laboratory for instructional use.  Classes are interesting and challenging.  Faculty are all experienced professionals in the field. California Community College tuition rates are your best educational value!

Earn a Certificate in Gemology, or earn an Associate Degree in Gemology