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Welcome to the STAR Center


The STAR - Science Teaching and Resource Center - is SCC's exciting, innovative and new academic support center for the sciences.

All activities are geared to engage science students and enhance their success. 

The curriculum for the STAR Center includes:

  • Q & A Session Time: Students are invited to drop in the center at any time to ask questions. However, there are specific times set aside to answer questions on biology, chemistry, and physics. Please click on the schedule below for this semester's schedule.

The STAR Center Q and A Times​

  • Faculty directed learning activities: Faculty developed DLAs will guide students through the steps needed to complete tasks and reinforce contents and skills required to succeed. Currently we have DLAs for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Here's how it works: Instructors assign DLAs, often as an optional or extra credit assignment. A student then goes to the STAR Center and asks for a DLA by name. The student then works on the DLA in the STAR Center and a TA will be on hand to ask questions if needed. When finished, the TA will grade the DLA and give you a stamp showing that the DLA was completed in the center. DLAs usually take an hour to ninety minutes to finish.

  • Faculty-led workshops: Designed and run by Faculty, workshops tackle difficult topics for the students. The workshop times have not yet been determined for the current semester. Signs will be posted in the STAR Center and around the Science Center. Please keep an eye out. If you have any questions about workshops, please stop by the STAR Center.

  • ​Student-led study groups: Study groups are formal and informal course support through tutoring and review sessions. Study Groups are formed based on student request. See the attachment for additional information.

Study Group Form



Students at work 

Students working in the Center 

The STAR Center is funded by an HSI-Title V grant.

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Room B-203

Student Working in Center 

Student Working in Center 

Student Working in Center 

STAR Center