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Supplemental Instruction



What is SI?
Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program designed to help students in historically difficult classes. SI provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions.


Which classes offer SI?
We currently offer SI to some sections of Bio 191, Bio 211, Bio 221, Bio 231, Bio 229, Bio 239, Bio 249, Chem 200A, Chem 200B, Chem 280A, Chem 280B, Physics 250A, Physics 250B, Math 080, Math 160, Math 180, Math 219 and Math 185. Please click the link below to see a list of courses offering SI and the corresponding scheduled meeting dates. 

Spring 2017 Schedules for Math and Science: 

2017 Math SI Schedule.pdf

2017 FA SI Schedule Science.pdf

Who is eligible to go to SI?
All enrolled students are encouraged to attend the SI sessions for their class. However, attendance is voluntary. 

Does SI really make a difference?
Supplemental instruction was first developed in 1973 at The University of Missouri-Kansas City. It is now taught in over 700 institutions throughout the nation and in over twelve countries. After extensive research and data collection, it is found that students who participate in SI within the targeted historically difficult courses earn higher mean final course grades than students who do not participate in SI. Also, students participating in SI persist at the institution (reenrolling and graduating) at higher rates than students who do not participate in SI. (Source: National Supplemental Instruction Report 2003-2006

This is what a former Chem 219 student at SCC had to say, "[SI sessions] are honestly so helpful and I am finally understanding concepts that I didn't get in the whole semester of Intro to Chem."