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Project RISE can help with your transition back to school and into the community. 

Finish Your Education. Get Job Training. Receive Counseling  & Support.

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Phone: 714-628-1048


​This program is 100% free to anyone living in California.

Meet the Project RISE Team!

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Anacany Torres * Rosalba Hernandez * Albert Alvano

How We Came to Be:

In 2016, Continuing Education Counselors started visiting classrooms in all 5 Orange County jails. In 2018, Project RISE was formed as more formerly incarcerated and justice impacted students enrolled in classes here at SCC.​​

 Student Testimonials

“It's great to be treated like a real  human being, a person and not a former convict."  

“I learned a long time ago when resources are available that can change your life, you don't sit there.
This [program] has been ​a miracle  for me." ​
“Rancho Santiago has had part in not only in my education but also in my recovery of life."​

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