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Earn Your High School Diploma Online!

All classes are 100% Tuition-free to anyone over 18 living in California!

Online and in-Person classes now available! 

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​Step 1:
Click on the "Apply Now"​ button below.  Complete the application. (When it asks for course details, just write 'high school diploma' in the course name.)​
​Step 2:
Once your application is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from our registration office. It will include instructions on how to make an appointment with a counselor. 
​Step 3: 
Meet with your counselor to develop a educational plan and enroll in classes.

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Our summer session runs from June 1st to August 5th. 

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​High School Diploma FAQs​

How do I get a High School Diploma?

You need to complete 160 credits to earn a high school diploma. You get credits by completing specific courses in subjects like math, English, science, and history. You can also receive credits from other sources including:

Courses completed at another school in the U.S. or abroad
Work completed with the Armed Forces
Certain types of work experience 
What are the course requirements?

You must complete 160 credits which equals 32 courses.​ Learn more about High School requirements​.
How long does it take to earn my diploma?

It depends on the amount of credits you have when you start the program and how quickly you decide to complete coursework. The average student completes 1 course per month when attending 15 hours a week.
​Can you study online?

Our high school program offers many online course options. These courses do not have a set class time so you can choose when you study. All coursework is completed in Canvas, an online learning platform. 
​​Do you accept coursework completed at other schools?

Yes! We accept coursework from schools you previously attended including schools in other countries. We also accept work done through accredited career technical institutions and the Armed Forces. Our counselors can review your transcripts and any other documentation you have.