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Explore the academic divisions and programs offered at Santiago Canyon College.

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Division

Dean: David Vakil
Location: H-111
Phone: 714.628.5030

Administrative Secretary: Nadine Selby
Phone: 714.628.4822

Administrative Secretary: Roxzel Soto Tellez
Phone: 714.628.5031

The programs and disciplines within the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Division include Academic Success Center, Anthropology, Art, Communication, Economics, English as a Second Language/ACE, English, Fine and Performing Arts, Geography, History, Languages, Languages Lab, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Reading, and Sociology.​​

Business and Career Technical Education Division

Dean: Von Lawson
Location: U-83
Phone: 714.628.4883
Interim Associate Dean: Elizabeth Arteaga
Phone: 714.628.5051

Administrative Secretary: Vacant
Phone: 714.628.4887

Administrative Secretary: Amy Styffe
Phone: 714.628.4883

The programs within the Business and Career Technical Education Division include Accounting, Apprenticeship, Business, Code Enforcement Officer, Computer and Related Programs, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Gemology, Human Development, Management, Marketing, Public Works, Real Estate, Survey/Mapping, TV Video Communications, Water Utility Science, and Women in Non-Traditional Careers.

Mathematics and Sciences Division 

Dean: Martin Stringer
Location: SC-210
Phone: 714.628.4771

Administrative Secretary: Tracy Montana
Phone: 714.628.4821

Administrative Secretary: Pilar Vasquez

The programs within the Mathematics and Sciences Division include Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Nutrition, Physics and Physical Science.

Institutional Effectiveness, Library & Learning Support Services Division

Dean: Aaron Voelcker
Location: A-213
Phone: 714.628.4990

Administrative Clerk: Jessica Gilbert
Phone: 714.628.4986

The Division includes Institutional Effectiveness & Research, the Tutoring Center, Distance Learning, the Instructional Design Center, and the SCC Library, which also houses the Library & Information Studies program. 

Counseling and Student Support Services Department

Dean (Interim): Jennifer Coto
Location: D-106 ​
Phone : 714.628.4800

Administrative Secretary: Debbie Hjorth​
Phone: 714.628.4732

The support services within the Counseling and Student Support Services Division include career exploration and university transfer information, career development for undecided majors, one-on-one counseling, educational planning and course selection, application workshops for Cal State and University of California, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), and Pathways to Teaching.