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CARE Program

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What is CARE?

The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) is a program offered through EOP&S at California community colleges. CARE was established by state law in 1982. CARE’s primary goal is to provide single parents receiving public assistance (AFDC/TANF, or CalWorks) additional support and services while attending college to foster economic self-sufficiency and reduce welfare dependency.
To be eligible for CARE:

  • You must quality for EOPS​
  • Register in 12 units at Santiago Canyon College
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must be head of household
  • You or your child must receive Cash Aid assistance (CalWorks/TANF)
  • Have a dependent child under 14
  • You must be a resident of California for over a year
  • Apply for Financial Aid

CARE Services:    
  • CARE Counseling
  • CARE Grants
  • Child Care Services
  • CARE Book Services
  • Referral Services
  • School Supplies
  • Transportation Services
How to apply:

You must qualify for EOPS and meet the eligibility for CARE before you apply. Click here to print the EOPS/CARE Application. Fill out the application, sign and date and bring it to the EOPS/CARE Office in E-108. Applications are also available in the EOPS/CARE office.