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Planned Giving

Do you want to leave a legacy that will have a large and positive influence on a diverse population of students? If so, then you might want to consider including the Santiago Canyon College Foundation in your will or trust. Giving a planned gift through the SCC Foundation insures that your gift directly benefits students at Santiago Canyon College.  Your gift can fund more scholarships for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford college. It can enhance current academic programs or help create new ones that meet the specific needs of our local and regional community. It can also help the college expand student enrichment or faculty development opportunities. In short, your gift helps students of any means access a high-quality, personalized and affordable education, which in turn helps make our community a stronger, safer and better place in which to live.  What greater legacy could you leave than that?

To find out more about planned giving, check out the resource links to the left or talk to your financial planner.  If you would like to consider leaving a planned gift to the Santiago Canyon College Foundation to benefit Santiago Canyon College, please email or call 714-628-4888 and we would be happy to share our story with you and help you find an area of need that best reflects your personal interests. 


Links on this page to publically-available internet resources in no way serves as an endorsement of the sponsors of those sites or of the information they provide. Please consult a financial planner or attorney for financial guidance that fits your individual circumstances.