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Student Discipline & Code of Conduct

​​​​Although one might see student discipline as a foreboding action, there really is another side to this topic that lends to a harmonious and productive learning environment for all SCC students. 

Historically, student discipline has been practiced in the United States for more than 300 years. During the colonial era, it was conducted in loco parentis, or “in place of the parent”, because the average college aged student was 13 or 14 years. As a result, stringent policies were implemented that were restrictive for students, giving them few liberties within the academic realm. (Dannells, Michael, "From Discipline to Development: Rethinking Student Conduct in Higher Education" 1997)

However, today there is an understanding that students are stakeholders in their educational quests. Santiago Canyon College embraces this philosophy by providing students with guidance and services to enhance their student development, and allow for more freedoms by creating an atmosphere that is framed within a Code of Conduct​​ which gives students rights and privileges to be part of the campus community knowing that they are ensconced in safe and secure surroundings. 

Although the Code of Conduct outlines various violations that can occur and the subsequent disciplinary action that may be imposed, the SCC community would like students to also be aware of the programs and services available to assist in preventing violations of the Code. 

Knowing that the weeks leading up to mid-term and final exams are quite stressful, many students can take advantage of the SCC Psychological Services to discover techniques to alleviate common stressors. Or if one has a need for mastery of a particular subject, the SCC Tutoring ​Center has hours of service from Monday through Saturday during the regular semesters. 

However, if students have additional needs we are certain one can be accommodated within the Student Services division, which hosts a full spectrum of services to escort students as they traverse onward toward their academic goals. It is with enthusiastic efforts that we strive to ensure students' endeavors are met with staunch support and ongoing encouragement.


Joseph Alonzo

Interim Dean of Enrollment and Support Services & Deputy Title IX Coordinator​