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​​​​​​SCC students are diverse, dynamic and thriving. With individual attention and guidance available daily, students get involved, stay active and propel through thousands of individual paths tailored just for them to get to what they’re after. From associates degree and certificate programs to honors classes and extended adult learning, from student government and clubs to community service and real-world business readiness, students at SCC have access to the daily steps they need to take, and the support to make sure each step is huge​ly successful.

Your education should be YOU-focused, so we bring daily choices to you - take a step toward exactly what you want to become, or ask us how and we’ll get you there. What are you going to do today?

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What Happens Here Matters.

Your daily morning smile from your favorite campus barista, your go-to library focus zone, your favorite think-it-out (or sometimes-power-nap) study group tree. What happens here matters. Your preparation for a final exam, your group presentation, career advice from your favorite Professor. What happens here matters. We’re on this journey together. Let’s see where you can go today.

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See What Happens Here That Matters.

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