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Department Chair or Coordinator Phone (714)
Academic Success Center Aaron Voelcker 628-4990
Accounting Steven Deeley 628-4739
Administrative Services Victoria Williams 628-4719
American College English (ACE/ESL) Diana Babayan 628-4782
Anthropology Cari Cannon 628-4833
Art Robbie Miller 628-4953
Articulation Office Leonor Aguilera 628-4854
Assessment and Placement Terry Flores 628-4812
Astronomy Danielle Martino 628-4705
Biology Mike Taylor 628-4942
  Mark Smith 628-4959
Business Steven Deeley 628-4739
Campus Safety/Security Ken Gouldsmith 628-4730
Career Services Dora Bright 628-4805
Chemistry Denise Bailey 628-4955
Child Development Center Susan Wahl 628-4890
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Deisy Covarrubias 628-5034
College Foundation Karen Bustamante 628-4790
Communication Tara Kubicka-Miller 628-4953
Community Services Brenda Hohnstein 628-4960
Computer Information Systems Stewart Myers 628-4752
Computer Science Stewart Myers 628-4752
Continuing Education Lori Fasbinder 628-5900
Counseling Jennifer Coto 628-4798
Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) Lucy Carr-Rollitt 628-4860
Earth Sciences Debra Brooks 628-4788 
Economics Alex Taber 628-4847
Education Janice Perry 628-4779
Engineering Craig Rutan 628-4954
English Elizabeth Elchlepp 628-4784
English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL/ACE) Diana Babayan 628-4782
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) Nena Baldizon-Rios 628-4915
Financial Aid Syed Rizvi 628-4967
Geography Alex Taber 628-4847
High School and Community Outreach Tam Nguyen 628-4843
History Scott Howell 628-4941
Honors Tiff Gause 628-4870  
Human Development Regina Lamourelle 628-4708  
Humanities Marcelo Pimentel 628-4785
International Student Office Kanana Gitonga 628-5050
Kinesiology and Athletics Ian Woodhead 628-4906
Library Joseph Geissler 628-5019
Management Steven Deeley 628-4739
Marketing Steven Deeley 628-4739
Mathematics Darlene Diaz 628-4789
  Alicia Frost 628-4929
  Laney Wright
Modern Languages Elizabeth Baez 628-4742​
Performing Arts Binh Vu 628-4839
Philosophy Marcelo Pimentel 628-4785
Physics Craig Rutan 628-4954
Political Science Nooshan Shekarabi 628-4744​
Psychology Cari Cannon 628-4833
Scholarship Program Andrea Garcia 628-4793
Reading Program Mary McMullin 628-4824
Sociology Cari Cannon 628-4833
Sports Information  Martin Stringer 628-4816
STEM Phil Crabil 628-4800
Student Health and Wellness Beth Hoffman 628-4733
Student Life and Leadership Diana Casares 628-4710
Student Placement Jacque Myers 628-4867
Transfer Center Robert Waldren 628-4865
Tutoring Center Bryan Mills 628-4795
Upward Bound Math and Science Maggie Cordero 628-5011
Veterans Services Andrea Garcia 628-4793